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FAQ About Guidons

1. What is a regulation guidon?

Regulation guidons are 20"x27.5" DOUBLE-SIDED guidons.

Single-sided guidons are NOT REGULATION and are mainly used for display on walls or in frames.

2. What does 1 ply double-sided and 2 ply double-sided refer to?

1-ply, double-sided guidons (AKA single reverse guidon) have a letter panel and the emblem stitched into the guidon on both sides. They are thinner than the 2-ply, double-sided guidons which have two layers sewn together, with the letters individually stitched onto each layer.

** Single-sided guidons have the emblem and lettering on only one side.

3. What is an emblem?

The emblem is the image in the middle of the guidon, usually a symbol representing the branch.

4. What goes above, below, and to the left of the emblem?

Above – The regiment (example – 101, 6, 223, etc.)
Below – The company (example – A, E, HHC, Charlie, Bravo, etc.)
Left – The brigade (example – 1, 2, 3, etc.)

5. What is a swallow tail cut?

A swallow tail cut refers to the triangular cut at the right side of the guidon (facing it). All of our DOUBLE-SIDED guidons come with this cut. We cut with a hot knife to prevent the cut edges from fraying and tearing apart. 

If you would like your SINGLE-SIDED guidon to come with this cut, iT MUST BE INDICATED IN THE OPTIONS.

6. What do you mean by 1st and 2nd Mat Color?

“Mat” refers to the material that makes up the background of our framed guidons. The 1st Mat is the primary background. The optional 2nd Mat is the accent color placed behind the 1st Mat.

7. What if I want to order a guidon with a custom emblem? What if I can't find exactly what I'm looking for?

All our guidons are premade and ready to sew. If you are unable to find what you want in the “GUIDONS” section of our store, you can click on the “CUSTOM GUIDONS” link to submit a custom order. You will have to send us a clear image of what you would like stitched, and we will promptly send you a price quote.

8. What is your rush order policy?

Our orders typically take 2-3 weeks to create. The 2-3 weeks does not account for shipping time. For an additional charge, we can have your order processed and created in 4-7 business days. For a greater charge, we can have it done in 2-3 business days.The price for our rush options vary from product to product depending on size and complexity. OUR RUSH OPTIONS DO NOT ACCOUNT FOR SHIPPING TIME.

9. What if I need it shipped to me sooner?

We have two quick shipping options. The priority mail option ships within 3-5 business days. The express mail option ships within 1-2 business days. Pricing will vary upon the size of the package.